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The aim of this site is to help you start a business or to grow your existing business. It is full of free advice on how to build your markets, develop sales and improve your profits.

The key to all business growth is marketing and sales. Clearly, you need cash, products or services to sell and people to run the business. However, very few businesses, utilities being among the exceptions, can say they supply the whole market. Targeting is vital in spending your marketing effort cost effectively. If follows that press advertising to a mass market can be a complete waste of money.

There is no doubt that in order to survive in these exciting dynamic times, businesses must:

  • Be great at marketing, especially internet marketing
  • Constantly review strategies
  • Plan and research
  • Watch the cash
  • Continuously develop new products/services
  • Be prepared to learn from mistakes
  • Keep learning

Here you can hear about the knowledge and skills that we have used to help clients grow their businesses, launch new products and hit marketing targets. All of this applies to you regardless of the market sector you are in – and whether you run a large organisation or you are a sole trader.

Ours is a pragmatic approach. We gather information on the market place and the customers before formulating ideas. Then before spending serious money, we recommend testing to minimise mistakes and maximise returns.

We specialise in direct marketing – the most cost effective way of spending marketing budgets.

To tell us about a project contact us here. For regular newsletters on the best marketing strategies simply send your details using the form to the right.

If you are starting a new business and you want a full commercial service including accountancy, marketing, IT and legal advice go to Marriotts Associates LLP

To discuss a project or for more information call 0870 240 3139 or submit the form on Contact Us.




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